Alarm doesn´t work (Inferno)

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2008-03-31, 22:34
Hi,I am from czech republic and I have in my car this alarm Inferno car alarm system

It workd ok,but I must reconnect car battery and after reconnect alarm doesnt work. Remote control work,but car can´t lock. Would you please help me ??? Or could you send me manual in English ???I can´t lock my car Thanks a lot for your answer,Jakub Coufal,Czech Republic
2008-04-01, 10:17
Please to programme remote controls.

Press the button in the device on the second, later two times the button in remote control.
Identically with second remote control.
2008-04-01, 12:49
Thanks a lot for answer,but I don´t understand so much,I must press the Disarm button on the both of remote controls in the same time ??For two times ??
2008-04-01, 13:05
Programming button (switch) is hidden inside main unit (Inferno), then press any button in remote control two times.

Sorry for my english...
2008-04-01, 13:37
Super,thanks a lot, I´am running to try it,very very thanks

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